Sexuality is a journey of exploration and discovery
with or without a partner

More About Leathicia

Sexuality and all of its components have always fascinated me. I love how it’s common to most but unique to everyone at the same time.

Love relationships are beautiful, but they are also a little complicated.

Between the butterflies of the beginning and the escalating conflicts, there’s a rainbow of situations couples can experience. I’ve kissed some frogs myself and even fell in love with a prince or two. I’ve studied relationships from the inside and out and along the way, I’ve discovered several elements that were worth sharing.

Today, I have one career goal: To help you live your love life and your sexuality the way you desire.

Throughout my career, I’ve developed programs and taught for over 15 years to various audiences which included: 

  • Love and respect in relationships with adolescents in a youth cafe for 3 years.
  • Revive passion after retirement and reshape sexuality with age at the Maison de la Famille on the south shore of Montreal

I started my practice and began counseling individuals and couples after completing my Bachelor’s degree in Sexology from the University of Quebec in Montreal in 2012.

Continued formation 

Still today, I continue my professional training with books, seminars, workshops and other events to perfect my knowledge and implement the latest research findings. For me, the love, passion and friendship that two people have for one another is one of the most beautiful things to own and celebrate. That’s why my job is to have the best tools to help couples be happy.

Gottman Institue, Training followed in Houston, Texas, April 2018

  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 1:  Bridging the Couple Chasm, 
  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 2: Assessment, Intervention, and Co-Morbidities